"fuck you, get dead" or "8 Mile OST 2"

by The Flu

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released August 27, 2015

everything scribbled and dribbled by ADK and JLGE. recorded by Fronz at the Harris Institute, mixed and mastered by Tyson Brinacombe at Little Room Labs.



all rights reserved


The Flu Toronto, Ontario


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Track Name: dr. octavio
dr octavio
pls fix me
my robot arms are broken
you'll have to cut me open
hey doc, ya blew it:
my cock is crooked
what's the point? why'd you build it?
hey doc, ya blew it!

why would you program a robot to cry?
yr laboratory is a fuggin' pig's stye

baby rats are breeding and feeding inside my eyes

dr octavio
yr crazy
i question yr credentials
yr blueprints all look mental
hey doc, ya blew it
my brains are fluid
when i think i short circuit
hey doc, ya blew it!
a self destruct button that neither of us can find
doctor yr outta yr goddamned mind

baby rats are breeding and feeding inside your eyes

you forgot to carry the one
all yr inventions are broken or half done
my motherboard is covered in slugs
won't you please just pull the plug?
Track Name: i don't wanna be cool
i don't wanna be cool like you.

2nite i'll stay home alone
and play on my nintendo
i'll take my allergy pills and wake up early
i've got a very big day
spent with my windows PC
make sure my drivers are up to date, alrite!

my barber said that i'm "hip"
so i cut off his tongue
you wouldn't understand so please don't book our band
we'd rather stay home and drink
dance around naked to funk
cuz punk rock has become so blase

i dont wanna be cool like you.

i'm already too cool, take you to school when i play you in pool, i'll take you to pool school baby.